The SHE Approach

We thank you for considering SHE Luxe as you start this incredible journey together as a couple. Planning for your wedding day is the first amazing step towards your future together. We would be honored to speak with you and learn more about your dreams for your big day.

It is our goal to create the finest wedding planning experience in a creative, collaborative and modern environment.

Tamiz Photography

Tamiz Photography

What is the SHE Luxe Approach?

A thoughtful blend of what we feel to be the most essential standards and elements to making your planning process flawless, intentional, and memorable.

Collaboration - Our design is inspired by you and created for you. We are the architects to the design, but want you to be our partners and collaborators as you go through this process. It is your choice on how much you want to be involved, but gone are the days of not having a say and letting event planners control the day. We want to guide, create, design, and offer thoughts from experience and about what we think is the best approach, but this is your wedding and we want you to feel like it is.

Highest Standards - With years of experience in hospitality, entertaining, and event management; SHE Luxe certainly has high standards. We have hand selected and work together with only the finest wedding professionals to partner with. They share this high attention to detail and interest in creating something truly amazing every time.

Current - We believe in allowing ourselves to continue learning, choose creative and current design, and most of all, stay up to speed with growing technology. We take a very modern and savvy approach to planning and design. We don't have paper files, old design boards, or antiquated systems to work from. Our planning process includes sophisticated systems set in place for instant communication, collaboration, design creation and visualization. We understand our couples, how they think, and their communication preferences. Through our current processes, we make working together with SHE Luxe as fun and enjoyable as it possibly can be.

Guest Experience - Your wedding day is a moment captured in time. It marks the start of your shared lifetime together, and is a day where all the most important people you have loved and known in your life choose to come together to celebrate you. We create a cohesive event that blends the personalization of your story, together with a detailed flow, elements of surprise, and highest level of service, with your guests at the helm.  Guests probably won’t remember our intricate designs of hanging twinkle lights; but always remember the way they felt under that magical canopy that night. We want your guests to remember their experience and remember how they felt. This is paramount in our planning because we know, when both guests and the couple are experiencing something amazing together…magic happens.