“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”

- Goethe

Darling Photography

Darling Photography

Heidi Brissette | Chief Planner & Designer

One of my greatest joys in life is meeting my couple for the first time and hearing their story and their love story. I believe that love propels us and makes us better people. I know that my great loves {my husband, my family, my nearest and dearest, and my pooch Nieko} make all the difference.

When I first started planning and designing events, it was for people I personally knew. I crafted each event with such care and consideration for their story, and loved tying in elements of who they were through design. Now, 10 years later, I plan events with the same process of personalization.

There are countless experiences in my life that have shaped my business savvy, design process, and planning background. On a personal level, and because I believe weddings are the most personal event you will ever plan, the most prevalent influence would be my mother and my grandmother. They singlehandedly set me on my path in the “Art of Entertaining”. Growing up, my grandmother was a professional clothing designer and seamstress, so it was natural to have fine linens, textured fabrics, ribbons, and lace always in our home. I was fascinated with linens. I love the feel, the comfort, and the beauty of what can be created by combining fabrics, textures and colors together. When it was time for me to walk down the aisle, my grandmother designed and sewed my wedding dress from scratch with antique lace. 

My mother, created my love for entertaining.  Up to this day, some of my favorite culinary experiences have come from my mother’s kitchen. Holidays and birthdays were celebrated and planned the way most weddings are, with custom menus, personalized accents, decorated tables, and professionally designed floral-scapes around the house. For me, this was the norm.

Fast forward to now and entertaining is second nature to me and what I’ve come to know. I’ve developed my own style, ideas over time, but the core of entertaining with class, grace, and purpose is instilled in me from my family. It is part of me and what I came from. It gives me such joy to be able to plan and design weddings, and share this love with my clients.

Heidi Brissette is a native of Bethlehem, PA and found her new home in New England after college. She currently resides in Kittery, ME with her husband, Alex, and Siberian Husky baby, Nieko. She holds a Bachelor of the Arts from University of New Hampshire and has a 10+ year background in events production, project management, and VP/director level sales and marketing. Heidi is the founder of Seacoast Harbor Events, the sister company of SHE Luxe Weddings and Design. 


Garrison Rufa | Senior Event Coordinator

Growing up on the coast of New Jersey and then moving to the mountains of Vermont really has provided me the best of both worlds; a deep connection to coastal living and a love for the mountains. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 2012, I accepted a food and beverage position with a local catering company. This experience, paired with my creative nature and love for design opened my eyes to the amazing opportunity in the events and wedding space.

In 2014 I joined the SHE Team as an event coordinator and day-of associate. Every wedding is unique, every couple is a joy, and I relish in the opportunity to create happiness. Over the past 4 years, working alongside Heidi and the team, I’ve grown in my knowledge of weddings and experience and now have the pleasure of running my own weddings and events throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

When I am not planning weddings and designing something pretty, I am most likely plotting my next travel adventure around the world, teaching snowboarding in Vermont, or hiking a mountain.

Garrison has been part of the SHE team since 2014 and has successfully managed, planned and/or assisted in coordination for over 65 weddings and events.


Julieann Figlioli | Event Coordinator & Social Media Manager

At the age of ten, my parents made the decision to move my siblings and I from our town of Windham, New Hampshire to our summer home in York, Maine. To this day, I am so grateful that happened. I have come to adore Maine and my small coastal town and all the beauty it has to offer. I currently reside in my small town with my two labs, Nellie and Leila, who are spoiled daily with love, kisses, and adventure.

From a young age, I have found myself constantly looking for reasons to throw parties. Really just an excuse to design something or plan something fun that friends and family would enjoy! After attending school for fashion design, I took a big jump and decided I would use my love for design and the arts and enter into the the wedding industry.

When I found Heidi and SHE in 2015, I truly felt I was a step closer to never “working a day again in my life” because I knew I had found my passion. After working my first wedding with her and balling my eyes out as the bride walked down the aisle, I knew there was no turning back, I was hooked. To say that your career is one that not only puts a smile on your own face, but it makes other’s dreams come true, is beyond incredible.

A lover of simplicity, I have always had a place in my heart for pretty things. I admit, I someone who buys a chocolate bar just because the packaging is gorgeous..and of course I will eventually eat it. But shouldn’t all of life be packaged beautifully and taste delicious? I like to think so.

Julieann has been an integral part of the SHE team since 2015. Her passion, love for events, and eye for design offers confidence leading up to and on the wedding day. She is an exceptional events coordinator and has successfully assisted in the planning and coordination of over 40 weddings.


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